Saturday, April 28, 2012

Linework #1

Linework started in Fall 2008 by Ivan Brunetti, and edited by then-students Andy Burkholder, Madalyn Merkey, and Onsmith. I didn't start at Columbia until Fall 2009, so I don't know who first proposed the idea of a student comic anthology. I think it was Ivan's idea and the three editors ran with it. 

Here are a few pictures stolen from David Alvarado's site:

Front Cover (Onsmith)
Left page is David Alvarado. Right page is me.
Back Cover (Max Morris)

The first issue came out in the Fall of 2010, 32 pages, color, 11" X 14". Here's a full list of contributors:

Marc Filerman
Jonathan Wilcox
Kevin Budnik
Esther Kim
Vanessa Rago
Rachal Duggan
Kiyomi Negi-Tran
Regina Rotondo
Jen Welsing
Joyce Rice
Claire McCarthy
Naji Sierra
Madalyn Merkey
Mandy Heckman
Steve Mancione
Michelle Wang
Angela Caggiano
David Alvarado
Nick Drnaso
Betty Heredia
Andy Burkholder
Michelle West
Tannar Veatch
Eric Ellis
Max Morris

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