Saturday, April 28, 2012

Linework #3

Max Morris graduated last May, so Kevin and I shared editing duties for this 3rd issue, which is now printed and about to come out any day now. Number 3 is a smaller (8" X 10") than the first two, and has a lot more pages (96). Kevin and I will be at Manifest, Columbia's big street fest, this Friday, May 4th, at the corner of Balbo and Wabash, selling all 3 issues of Linework as well as comics by many other contributors. The third issue will also be for sale at Quimby's and Chicago Comics within the next few weeks.

Here are a few pictures I took this morning:

Front Cover (drawn by me)
Back Cover (Also me)
Endpapers: Max Morris. Flap: me.
Jonathan Wilcox
Marieke McClendon
Joyce Rice
Left: Naji Sierra. Right: Carl Zeller
Here's the list of contributors:

Kyle Harter
David Alvarado
Pete Clodfelter
Michael Paxton
Betty Heredia
Naji Sierra
Carl Zeller
Michelle West
Andy Burkholder
Chris Kerr
Sam McMorris
Matt Novak
Ivan Brunetti
Max Morris
Erik Lundquist
Kevin Budnik
Joyce Rice
Chris Dazzo
Marieke McClendon
Nick Drnaso
Omar Aweidah
Jonathan Wilcox
Matt Soria
John Gregg
Jazmin Giron
Eric Roesner
Angela Caggiano
Lilli Carre
Paul Nudd
Marc Filerman

So That's it. All caught up. Kevin and I are both graduated now, so this third issue is our last. We'll both be at CAKE on June 16th and 17th selling our own comics and Linework, but after that our editorship is done. It's been great putting these books together, hopefully someone will carry on and make more issues. I dunno...thanks for reading.

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