Saturday, April 28, 2012

Linework #2

By the time the first issue came out, Andy and Madalyn were no longer students at Columbia, and Onsmith was just about to graduate. Kevin Budnik, Max Morris, and I asked Ivan if we could take over editing duties for the second issue. Here's the cover I drew:

Here are some more pictures taken from David Alvarado's blog:

It's a little hard to tell in this photo, but the cover is actually a
semitransparent vellum, and the staircase drawing is underneath that.
Kevin Budnik
Max Morris
Andy Burkholder
Back Cover (Kevin Budnik
Left: Betty Heredia. Right: Paul Nudd.

The second issue came out in Fall 2011, 36 pages, color, 11" X 14". Here's the list of contributors:

Andy Burkholder
Marc Filerman
David Alvarado
John Gregg
Rachal Duggan
Claire McCarthy
Regina Rotondo
Angela Caggiano
Carl Zeller
Kevin Budnik
Brian Morrison
Eric Roesner
Chris Kerr
Joyce Rice
Liz Gollner
Solange Henson
Naji Sierra
Anna Felger
Nick Drnaso
Vanessa Rago
Michelle West
Kyle Harter
Betty Heredia
Paul Nudd
Omar Aweidah
Jesus Meija
Max Morris

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